Responsive Web Design and some of our work

Responsive web design is the new standard approach to building a website in this new mobile and tablet era we live in today. Building your site to be “Responsive” means that you craft your code to allow for optimal viewing across multiple platforms and devices such as the iPhone and iPad, Android and many more. […]

Shared Backyard Design Presentation: An Example of Fresh Design Ideas In Northampton

The Whoo Space on Market St, has been host to a variety of community events, from an art exhibit of handmade books to campaign headquarters for Arnold Levinson in this years past Ward 3 Special Election. This past Tuesday was no different when University of Massachusetts’s Permaculture Program, in conjunction with Creative Community Collective, and a […]

HTML5 Adventure Calendar

The folks over at ZingChart have a surprise in store for us every day this month! Taking off on the idea of an advent calendar, they have created the HTML5 Adventure Calendar. Each day a new fun and/or informative website featuring html5 is revealed. Take a look, even bookmark it so you don’t miss any […]