Shared Backyard Design Presentation: An Example of Fresh Design Ideas In Northampton

The Whoo Space on Market St, has been host to a variety of community events, from an art exhibit of handmade books to campaign headquarters for Arnold Levinson in this years past Ward 3 Special Election. This past Tuesday was no different when University of Massachusetts’s Permaculture Program, in conjunction with Creative Community Collective, and a […]

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

The mirror on the wall may soon reveal more than your appearance, becoming a two-way mirror for advertisers Two years ago, MIT student Ming-Zher Poh managed to turn his laptop’s webcam into a heart rate monitor. At the time he was looking for a way for doctors to check vital signs in the least invasive […]

We Like the Moon

‘Cause it is close to us. (Be careful not to have your speakers up too loud when you click that!) All silliness and Spongmonkeys aside, we also like the moon because there is going to be a spectacular total lunar eclipse on the morning of Tuesday, December 21st!  In the Eastern Standard Time zone it […]

Bubble-Blowing Dolphins!

It is a bit of an understatement to say that dolphins are incredibly intelligent animals.  Many have even figured out how to make their own toys…from blowing bubbles.     This behavior is not limited to the dolphins at SeaWorld, dolphins in the wild blow bubble rings and beluga whales make rings too. Bubble rings and smoke […]