Bidsketch is a Pretty Cool Tool

Not only is Bidsketch a nice solution to easy quoting, it makes the whole process smoother.  Here’s how. Most proposals are some manner of basic word processing document.  Pretty basic.  With this, it’s modular.  Save blocks of common content.  Populate the ones you need for a specific job.  Drag and drop.  Customize from there. Better […]

Basecamp Tutorials | The Calendar

Basecamp is an easy and convenient way to coordinate large projects with many independent agents over vast geographical distances. This makes it perfect for web design. We here at Skytemple have used Basecamp for years to coordinate with our clients and design team. So, when we found this video series helping to explain some of the basics we were pretty excited.

Skytemple is Hiring!

Fun, creative local digital agency seeks excellent communicator with a background in the design & development field to focus on billing and bookkeeping. The candidate will be responsible for the following: invoice clients manage accounts payable coordinate with clients and project managers track services and client relations improvement of invoice strategy The ideal candidate will […]

Facebook: see what pages like your page

If you are smart, and we both know you are, you will eventually wonder which other Facebook Pages like your Facebook Page so you can develop your community and network successfully with other businesses and their fans. Developing these relationships is what any social media marketing strategy worth it’s salt is all about. Since you’re so smart, […]

It Gets Better

We are proud to have some really talented authors as clients, and Phil Bildner has been an inspiration to us with his active campaigning to get the message out to kids that it gets better. Kids and especially teenagers have it rough in the modern era where school and prison are virtually identical. Education is […]

A Social Media Road Trip to Boston

A Web Design Team Outing, a Social Media Conference, and a Few Lessons any Company Can Learn From a Road Trip A few weeks ago the Skytemple Team was invited to attend a social media marketing class put on by the experts at WebMaxed.  Through careful planning, the trip was an enormous success, providing a wealth […]

Pleasant Street Video To Close

But An Unlikely Source May Save the Iconic Video Store’s Vast Library Recently the Hammer Came Down Word on the street picked up momentum over the week that Northampton’s last and greatest video store would be closing it’s doors this coming July.   It became official today when the video store  announced it on their […]

Seeking Local Web Developer

We are a small company in Northampton that offers innovative design and development of websites, as well as a host of other services. We are a close-knit, dynamic team that collaborates transparently at all levels of a project. While we all have deadlines, we are very fluid in our approach: we do not fear Skype, […]