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Chatbots For The Hospitality Industry

What’s a chatbot?

We’re so glad you asked. 🙂

Our booking chatbot is an charming and engaging guide who shows visitors around your site, helps them to find what they want, and guides them to book.

The result?

More direct bookings!

How do your site visitors really feel about you?

How do your site visitors really feel about you?

Here’s a funny question…


Would you rather spend your time staring at a poster on the wall?...


Would you rather meet interesting people, get a guided tour around a beautiful place, and get personalized help and attention?

Even the most beautiful website is essentially just a virtual promotional poster. It just sits there, leaving your visitors to struggle as they seek out information, wrestle with the booking process, and waste their time, energy, and patience.

With a booking chatbot, you actively welcome visitors, resolve frustration with personalized care, and guide site visitors to make bookings easily.

So how do you want your potential guests to feel?…


Questions not answered


Questions answered!

Site visitors may seek information on your site, waste time looking around, and give up on booking entirely.

The chatbot can easily provide answers to common questions from any page on the site, and your team members can provide answers in live chat as well, until the visitor is ready to book!


Technical problems with booking


Guidance with booking!

Visitors may get to your booking page, struggle with the booking process, get frustrated, and give up.

The chatbot can reduce the number of visitors who give up as it helps visitors to complete bookings online, with satisfaction.


Impersonal, frustrating experience


Personal care and attention!

Visitors may have a struggle that isn’t easily solved by your site. They may prefer chat over phone due to time or circumstance. They may be deterred by the cold, impersonal tone of your static site.

Do you take pride in your hospitality? Prove it. Your chatbot lets you connect with guests directly, offering a warm welcome, personalized care, and help with the things that matter to them in a way that works best for them.

Want more direct bookings?

Want more direct bookings?

Then get the chatbot that is specially designed to get more direct bookings.

“I feel like you know us.”

Marie Fielden
Marketing Director, True Blue Bay Boutique Resort

Are you getting enough guests through your hotel website?

If you’re like most boutique hotel folks, you’re seeing a large percentage of your guests coming through OTAs like and Agoda — and you’re losing lots and lots of revenue to commissions because of it.

Worse yet, you are probably losing a lot of potential bookings due to a frustrating experience on your site, whether you realize it or not.

What if you didn’t have to spend so much money on commissions?

What if your site properly expressed the special style and personality of your boutique hotel? What if your site got more attention and attracted more guests?

It may be time for a new site for your boutique hotel — one that really works for you.

Ready for a beautiful and effective solution?

With input of hundreds of hoteliers worldwide, we have created a website system that is specially tailored to the needs of boutique hotels and resorts, which helps you to boost your direct bookings, and look great doin’ it.

"They GET us."

“I’m delighted to have a super product that will be such a great platform for our brand.”

Chris Keidel
Partner, Empty Nest NY

"It was lovely."

“You were really into the groovy mood of the hotel.”

Léa Coulong
Marketing Director, Idol Hotel

Chat through your website.

Real-time chat how you want it: by your live team members, or automated by your custom bot.

Cut down commission costs.

Provide promo offers directly in chat, and beat those unnecessary commission fees.

Boost direct bookings.

Prompt site visitors to book directly, guiding them in your reservations system.

Setup done for you.

Your chatbot works instantly, responding with your site info. No download, no coding.

A done-for-you solution.

Free Demo & Consultation

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Plan Your Chatbot

We’ll interview you, research your ideal guests, and plan your chatbot based on your input to ensure we’re off to a great start.

Launch Your Chatbot

We handle the entire process from setup, to monitoring, to helping your chatbot learn new responses — week in, week out.

Save time

Automated responses from the chatbot help you to save your team precious hours. Save time for your potential guests as well — especially those on mobile.

Stop wasting your team’s energy!

Focus attention where it counts!

Be as hands-on as you want

Let the chatbot handle everything, or let your team member take over with live chat at any time, helping guests directly.

Complete unfinished bookings

Talk directly to site visitors, guide them in their booking, get contact info, and ensure that they finish the booking process.

Finish bookings to get butts in beds!

Stay in touch to get return guests!

Increase your odds

Get more leads and grow your contact list, gathering names, emails, interests, and more.

Chatbots get more direct bookings.

Chatbots get more direct bookings.


“They just talked with their leads like normal people and got over 500% ROI. Yes, 500%!”


“10x more effective than email marketing — 80 to 90% open rates.”



“80% of business decision-makers use (or plan to use) chatbots by 2020.”

Business Insider

"Absolutely impressed."

“The pictures you guys took and the way you tell the story is just perfect for this hotel — so, thank you!”

Jenna Smith
Marketing & Communications Manager, Crown Lanta Resort & Spa

"It was a pleasure."

“You made the process fluid, transparent and completed on schedule. Very responsive, very creative, very nice. Thanks for a job well done.”

Nolan Myerson
Founder, Empty Nest NY

Let your hotel thrive.

Let your hotel thrive.

Finally attract all those guests you so richly deserve with a chatbot tailored to direct bookings.

Starting at $500/month.

Find out more in a free consultation.

Questions & Answers

What happens after I purchase?

Once you confirm your purchase, we’ll contact you with a few easy questions about your business and your goals. From there, your chatbot will be configured to reflect your branding, and its responses will be configured based on the information that’s available on your website. Then the chatbot is added to your website with a single line of code.

How does a chatbot benefit my business?

Chatbots drive bookings. By adding this additional sales channel, you answer questions effortlessly, and prompt site visitors to make reservations. We’re thrilled to share lots of great statistics — just get in touch.