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Château les Merles

(And look amazing.)

Here's How

What’s the difference for Château les Merles?


Oh, about € 50,000 per year, for one thing.

Here’s how.

€10,297 saved on commissions

With 20% of OTA bookings made as direct bookings instead, Château les Merles saves a lot on commissions.

According to Lilian, les Merles loses €51,487 per year to OTA commissions. (Click for details.)
  • 8 OTA bookings x $200/night = $1800
  • $1800 x 17% OTA commission = $306 lost per night
  • $306 lost per night x 30 days = $9180 lost per month
  • x6 months (due to low season) = $55,080 per year lost to OTA commissions
  • So 20% saved of of $55,080 yearly expense = $11,016/year = €10,297/year saved

€41,897 earned in additional bookings

By just increasing the 6 months per year booked to 7 months, Château les Merles earns much more.

According to Lilian, les Merles could earn quite a lot with a higher low season. (Click for details.)
  • 1 additional month booked per year (7 months instead of 6 months) = $1800*30*.83 = $44,820 = €41,897

Enjoy the priceless happiness from looking great, feeling great, and making friendships with new guests.

It’s not all about money. The folks of les Merles are wonderful, and create a very special experience. That beauty deserves to be seen online.

Here are a few ways that the beauty of Château les Merles can be seen and appreciated…

The lovable les Merles team
and special experiences.


Let your beauty shine.

Château les Merles is a very special place! The wonderful folks who welcome and help are bringing life and personality to the château — and the site can show the experience as friendly, relaxing, and pleasant. 

Your unique style
deserves to be seen


You’re special.
You should be discovered.

Prompt great reviews, see more guest referrals, and see stars. Lots of ’em.

Let’s review les Merles.


Direct Booking Chat


Your Old Guest Welcome

  • 20% 20%

No real-time communication on site


No booking assistance on site

Your New Guest Welcome

  • 100% 100%

Great real-time guest help


Easy booking assistance on site

Say hello to more direct bookings.

Booking Site Engine


Your Old Site

  • 20% 20%

Difficult booking


Bad PageSpeed (38/100)


Difficult navigation, high bounce rate

Your New Site

  • 80% 80%

Fast, easy booking


Improved PageSpeed and visibility


Easy navigation, higher booking rate

A bad site

makes growth hard and frustrating.

A good site

saves time, earns more money, and makes life easier.

Now booking can be easy.


Also, your site can work beautifully.

Guest Attraction Marketing


Your Old Marketing

  • 50% 50%

Decent general domain authority (34/100)


Little off-season content


0 inbound links in last 60 days


Need to improve reviews and listings

Your New Marketing

  • 80% 80%

Improved domain authority


Increased off-season content and messages


Increased off-season inbound marketing


Optimized reviews and listings

Grow attractive off-season marketing.

Enjoy a couple strong examples of content/links built to grow your off-season bookings.



Also, get growth reports.


Ready to grow?

Stop paying so much commission
to those OTAs.


A necessary evil?
We’ll see about that.

Finally boost those direct bookings, to supercharge your revenue stream.

The best review
comes from a friend


Friends spread the word.
Help spread smiles, too.

Prompt great reviews, see more guest referrals, and see stars. Lots of ’em.

Turn guests into family.


See more returning guests.
See them often.

Make it a breeze to maintain and nurture guest relationships.
Time for loyalty with style.

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