Hotel Direct Booking Chat

Goodbye, commission costs.

Hello, guests.

Time to save on commission
and attract more guests.

Think about it:

You wouldn’t leave visitors wandering lost in your lobby.

So why leave potential guests wandering lost in your website?

(Besides: you’re paying way too much commission to those OTAs.)


Help guests in real-time, automatically


Answer key questions automatically


Offer promos not visible to Google and OTAs


Help them make direct bookings



Real-Time Messenger

Grab visitors’ attention with the faces of your team and let them ask questions in real-time chat.

Beat OTAs

Offer rates and promos not visible to Google and OTAs

Targeted Messages

Send targeted chats to visitors based on their activity.

Make Direct Contact

Connect with visitors directly and turn them into leads, collecting emails, website interests, and personalized info.

Maintain Loyalty

Build trust and grow relationships, with personalized touches (and offers) that keep guests coming back.


Send replies by email if a visitor leaves your website before you respond.

Mobile Interface

Chat on the go with a mobile-friendly interface.

Conversion and ROI Reports

Get regular insights into the desires of your guests, and the most effective strategy to increase bookings.

Time to impact what matters.

Transform your online hospitality to see love from guests (and ROI) like never before.

We are proud to partner with these, and dozens more.

Hôtel Sacha

Idol Hotel

Minor Hotels

Hotel Indigo Bangkok Wireless Road

Crown Lanta Resort & Spa

AliSea Boutique Hotel

Castle Leslie Estate

Almanity Hoi An

Victoria Hoi An

Panviman Resort & Spa

The Chiang Mai Riverside

Akyra Manor Chiang Mai

Green Park Boutique Hotel

Dromoland Castle

Aonang Cliff Beach Resort

Baan Habeebee

Villa del Angel

Clarum 101

Quinta Don Jose Boutique Hotel

Blue Lagoon

The Nest

…and more!

“It was a pleasure working with you.”

Eimear Winters
Sales & Marketing Manager, Castle Leslie Estate

Absolutely impressed. The pictures you guys took and the way you tell the story is just perfect for this hotel — so, thank you!”

Jenna Smith
Marketing & Communications Manager, Crown Lanta Resort & Spa

They Get us. It’s as simple and as important as that!”

Chris Keidel
Partner, Empty Nest NY

An attractive chatbot welcomes your website visitors, and offers help from a knowledge base.

Guests' questions are answered automatically, along with an appealing booking button.

Your direct bookings increase, and guests love you.

A typical boutique hotel

spends over $50,000/year

in OTA commissions.

Want to spend much less?

10-day free trial, then just $500/month.

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