Luke’s WorkThere’s a special kind of gallery in the inspired halls of Easthampton’s creativity hotspot, Eastworks, and it is the work of avid paintjockey Luke Cavagnac. His unceasingly radical multichromatic vitality will emanate at dazzling frequencies for his big event, and ensuing creativity fallout is likely to inspire smiles for several days thereafter.

Come enjoy the creative emanations at the Invisible Fountain in Eastworks.  It’s a pretty cool phenomenon.

SATURDAY 9th FEBRUARY 2008 from 6 to 9 p.m.



116 Pleasant Street Suite #206

Eastworks Building

Easthampton MA 01027


gallery hours: T&T 11-7, W&F 11-6, M 11-4


wine will breathe & food will lay out on the table & art will hang around & people will talk

& noise will be made & thoughts will be thunk & steps will be taken


complete show dates: 2/9/08 through 5/9/08