Austin Stowell helps a boy save a dolphin with the aid of prosthetic’s doctor.

Stowell, originally from Berlin, Connecticut has known he wanted to pursue a professional acting career ever since his high school days in Austin.

It was during his years at Berlin High he met and formed a strong relationship with Skytemple’s CEO, Curtiss Hayden. Stowell went on to graduate Berlin High School in 2003 and was accepted to the University of Connecticut where he pursued his love for acting in more depth, participating in many productions including, Julius Caesar, and It Can’t Happen Here. Currently, Stowell is well known through his acting on the ABC Family show, The Secret Life of the American Teenager. In his new movie, Dolphin Tail, Stowell finds himself playing oposite veteran actors such as Harry Connick Jr, Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman. It is an exciting and robust new role for Stowell who plays a disabled war veteran in the film.

The movie itself is based on a true story concerning a young boy named Sawyer who finds an injured dolphin washed up on shore. His dogged pursuit of helping the dolphin, who eventually loses it’s tail (providing the obligatory family film titular pun),  leads him to one Professor Cameron McCarthy, played by Morgan Freeman, who’s work had been, up to that point, concerning human prosthetics.

As only a young boy with no money trying to save an aquatic animal in a family film could, Sawyer convinces the doctor who then convinces a prosthetics manufacturer to help his dolphin at no cost. At first the Dolphin rejects the tail, smashing repeated rebuilds until a new padding for the sock holding the tail to the dolphin is developed using a gel like material. A material that is now currently used to attach prosthetic limbs. The film itself has a wonderful message about determination and thinking outside the box and is at heart an incredible true tory of technology helping nature. Dolphin Tale is currently playing in theaters and in some places in 3D.