Believe me, don’t let the title fool you into thinking that kissing is a bad habit, or that it should be stopped.  In fact, prepare yourself for some unlikely and challenging passions.

In Stop Kiss, the emotions and tensions make for a very powerful viewing experience.

An unexpected romance between two young women is shattered when a brutal assault leaves one in a coma. The other is left to piece together the story of their friendship, and find out what her happiness is worth to her.

Sometimes the hardest thing is knowing what you want.

(I must admit, I had a considerable positive bias already, and then I grew especially more fond of Bad Habit Productions when we attended their “Dirty Pool” fundraiser and won a pool tournament as well as an incredible haute inebriance raffle, and met many wonderful and talented people in the process.  Many thanks, Bad Habit.  And: cheers.)

So check out Stop Kiss.  And more!

Update!  Reviews!  Awesome!