Not only is Bidsketch a nice solution to easy quoting, it makes the whole process smoother.  Here’s how.

Most proposals are some manner of basic word processing document.  Pretty basic.  With this, it’s modular.  Save blocks of common content.  Populate the ones you need for a specific job.  Drag and drop.  Customize from there.

Better yet, the finished document is interactive for the client.  They can select the parts of the multi-part proposal and the listed costs are updated.  Once they’ve composed the plan they want, they just click “approve” to get things going.  (From there we’ve put our payment link in the confirmation message, so that the client can pay the deposit and get started on the project right away without waiting for a deposit invoice.

All in all, pretty cool.  Check out Bidsketch and see if it makes things easier for you, too.