Are you a Web Developer / Web Designer in the area of Northampton, MA? If so, don’t you wish that there was someone in the neighborhood that you could get in touch with to help you figure out some of the kinks out of your websites?

Well guess what? There are about 82 people who have joined Leah’s Northampton Web Developers / Web Designers Meet Up Group. An online community designed especially for any Northampton self employed / freelance Web Developer/Web Designers. Join the group to share tips and tricks, discuss CSS (incl. positioning, floats, drop-down menu’, hacks for IE etc.), Web Standards, Illustrator, Photoshop, logo design, front-end/ back-end Collaboration, SEO and other related topics.

Not only do you get the online support, you can actually go to one of their meetings to meet and chat and maybe even collaborate with other Web Developers/Web Designers!

It’s very easy to join. Here’s how you can do it – all it takes is a few moments out of your busy schedule and you will be part of a group of people who speak your lingo.

Go to Northampton Web Developers / Web Designers Meet Up Group. Fill out some information about your background in Web Developing/Design and that’s pretty much all you have to do. You’ll get info of when the next meeting will take place and you can have access to some of the shared resources.

Take a chance and think outside the box… with other awesome NoHo Web developers/designers.