Coordinate Your Team Using Awesome Tools

Q: What do these things have in common?

  • a man surfing a mean wave
  • a dancing corn dog
  • Homer Simpson

A: They have all made their way into our team chats this week!

Remote companies are everywhere. Heck, the Skytemple team is one of them! 

True: remote work does give employees a lot more freedom to live where they want, to stay home with kids, or to save time and resources.

As a team with members located in NY, Mexico and in the Phillippines — and based in Massachusetts — we’re always focused on how to stay connected and how to stay united as a team.

This is where Slack comes in and saves the day!

What’s Slack? I am glad you asked!

Slack is an awesome communication tool that allows teams to have work discussions all in one place. We are still discovering new integrations that the tool comes with!


The best part about it? GIPHYS! <- Of course!

Slack comes with a huge library of giphys that can easily be incorporated into conversation. You don’t get to actually choose or see your giphy in advance, however — so make sure you’re feelin’ lucky.

Have favorite collaboration tools?

Tell us your faves!


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