Well, if you haven’t registered to vote yet and need information on what to do click here.  Not to sound preachy…well, I guess it’s kinda hard not to- but this is a tremendously important time for our country.  We need better leadership and should get informed.  If you haven’t decided, take the time to look at what each candidate has to offer.  The links below will take you to each of the candidates websites and I directed the link to the issues so you can get a glimpse of what they plan on doing if they are elected to office.  For Obama’s Website click here.  For McCain’s click here.

What’s on the Massachusetts Ballot for 2008?   The 3 major issues that Massachusetts residents will be asked to vote on are:  Massachusetts State Income Tax Repeal (This is a particular pressing issue for us.  Massachusetts would lose about 40% of its income and would deal an $11 billion blow to the state, which would have adverse effects throughout state government.)  Massachusetts Sensible Marijuana  Policy and Massachusetts Greyhound Protection Act

Remember that voting is not just a choice, it’s a privilege!