free cone ben and jerry

Well, I must say that my favorite Ben and Jerry’s ice cream treat is Cherry Garcia. Those chunks of frozen cherries with chunks of chocolate…mmmmm…heavenly! Anyway, enough about my love of Cherry Garcia.

If you have a favorite or are feeling more on the risky side…go to any Ben and Jerry’s ice cream shop for a free cone! Yes, you did hear me right…freeee!

Free Cone Day (which should be a national holiday if you ask me) will be held at all Ben and Jerry’s shops for one day only – April 29, 2008. Check the link to see if there is one near you – Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Shop finder.

To find out more about the wonderful day check out their website – Ben and Jerry’s.

If you would like to do a little research to see what flavors they’ve cooked up, go to new flavors.