Our community recently suffered a tragedy.

One night, terrible fires were set all all around our neighborhood here in Northampton, Mass.  Over a dozen fires were set, and some of them grew to awful proportions, causing serious carnage.  In one such case, people died.

A client and friend, Bernadette Giblin, lost family in that fire.  Following that night, she held vigils and worked to help the survivors of the arson incidents, making a difference and inspiring the community.

As a gesture of our sympathy and thanks, we’ve donated a site to Bernadette to help with her business, Safeground Landcare.  Our hope is that it will help a local hero to rebuild and grow, and we appreciate your help with her efforts (such as the Paul’s Garden Memorial Project).

We regret the tragedy deeply and profoundly, but are also inspired by the courage you’ve shown in the face of it, Bernadette.