By Jason, project manager at Skytemple

I really enjoyed working with this program in spite of some of it’s limitations.

iMockups features a robust library of graphics that can be scaled, rotated, and dragged to any point on the canvas.   Canvases can be copied, so a designer can depict a design as buttons and drop-downs are clicked.  And with multiple projects these canvases fall under, it is impossible to lose track of your work.

However, without being able to flip or rotate graphics, I was unable to depict some of the concepts I was visualizing. The other issue I had was due to the fact that the graphics aren’t vector based; the larger you scale a button or a shape, the more distorted it becomes.

While some limitations were frustrating, the features more than make up for any functions that were absent from this version.  In future revisions, I’d love to see the library expanded further, the graphics vectorized, and allowing for graphics to be flipped and rotated.

For more information about the iMockup application click here.