We are proud to have some really talented authors as clients, and Phil Bildner has been an inspiration to us with his active campaigning to get the message out to kids that it gets better. Kids and especially teenagers have it rough in the modern era where school and prison are virtually identical.

Education is not so much a process of developing the mind as it is hammering it into shape with standardized testing; the constant feedback of the grading system can be very discouraging to those with different learning styles, sometimes permanently stunting their potential, and that’s all before we even get into the bullying, hazing, and teasing that comes with the territory.

The good news is that it does get better.  The behavior of groups of people in school is an anomaly, seen elsewhere only in prisons (and some offices).  It’s unfortunate that the time kids could be spending learning about the real world and developing their identities and discovering their passions is wasted taking tests and eating bad food, but people like Phil are doing a lot to change that.

Phil recently organized various authors and illustrators into “It Gets Better: Authors and Illustrators Unite“.  The group has made a video getting the message across to kids that it does get better, and we wanted to share it with you!