As we’re in a spooky Halloween frame of mind at Skytemple, we got to thinking about the movies that freaked us out when we were younger.

Jason:  Mine was Brazil.

I saw it when I was eight and the scene with the weird masked midgets that torture the main character… That and the mother’s loose hanging skin after her plastic surgery implant was disabled assured the following year’s worth of nightmares.



Leah:  When I was about 8- I was alone at my dad’s house and accidentally saw ‘The Shining on TV… it is a very unsettling movie, the hotels and creepy twins singing in the hallways continued to haunt my imagination for a couple years…

Then when I was about 11 the nuclear war movie The Day After‘ made me constantly paranoid where ever I was that a nuclear war could start at any second during my pre-teen years. Most disturbing of all however was when I accidentally saw ‘Clockwork Orange’ with my dad when I was about 15!



Anna:  I was scared silly of The Pit and the Pendulum.  I was flipping channels one day when I was home sick from school and found the movie on TCM or some place like that.  It had Vincent Price in it and because I love Vincent so, I had to watch.  I got freaked out by the corpse of his dead wife, face contorted in panic when she’d been accidentally entombed while still alive, but I kept watching.  Then when Vincent is being driven mad by the ghost of his wife, the secret panel in the wall opens up to reveal a passage from which her voice calls to him, and he goes in to find her…  I flipped out and changed the channel and proceeded to have nightmares about what was behind that wall.