Mira Bartók, artist, blogger, and author of The Memory Palace, has started a project to help The Norma Herr Women’s Center in Cleveland, OH.  The Center is there for women who have fled domestic abuse, are struggling with substance abuse, or are afflicted by poverty or homelessness.  Women at the center are encouraged to empower themselves and part of the empowerment process is keeping a journal.  This particular Women’s Center is especially dear to Mira, as it was where her mother sought help, and is now named after her mother.

My Words Are My Shelter, Mira’s project, is aiming to donate a box of journals and pens and pencils for each woman at the shelter.  Any proceeds above the cost of the journals will be donated to the Center.  If you want to and have the ability to help her out, please visit her blog.

If you would like to find out how to help out women’s and homeless shelters closer to home and are in MA, you can find the shelter near you at the Massachusetts Coalition for Homelessness website.