Out in the wilds of the internet there is a fantastic website called Etsy that connects artists with their prospective buyers. It is possible to find all manner of awesome and creative things there from clothing to food to random doodads. But what happens when an offering on Etsy goes terribly wrong? That is where Regretsy comes in.

Brainchild of April Winchell, Regretsy features the odd, cringe-worthy, and incorrectly advertised items that can be found on Etsy. However, the self-proclaimed “fail blog of hand crafts” isn’t just about pointing out negatives. Sometimes the items are too awesome to ignore and that is why they appear on the site. Regretsy also actively supports a handful of charities by commissioning Etsy artists to create items to donate to those charities.

Just a warning, items on Regretsy (and Etsy) can be NSFW, so browse with care!