Responsive web design is the new standard approach to building a website in this new mobile and tablet era we live in today.

Building your site to be “Responsive” means that you craft your code to allow for optimal viewing across multiple platforms and devices such as the iPhone and iPad, Android and many more.

A site that is Responsive uses CSS3 Media Queries to achieve responsiveness, which means that all the styling can stay inside your main CSS stylesheet allowing for easy access to your style and ease of changing/modifying your designs colors, backgrounds, gradients and more.

Some of the elements of responsive web design include,

  1. CSS3 Media Queries ,
    that allow for the website to use different CSS3 style rules based on the device it is being viewed on.
  2. Responsive Gris Systems ,
    such as The Skeleton Grid System which allow for you to structure your site in a 960 grid like fashion, while keeping your site mobile and tablet friendly.
  3. Fluid Grid systems ,
    that allow for page resizing to be done in percentages, or Ems , rather than using absolute units like pixels or points.

Responsive web design is a MUST in todays internet age, so before you begin building your next website make sure you build it responsive.

Skytemple has been building responsive websites for the last year and we’ve had a whole lot of fun doing it.
Heres a little peek at some of our Responsive Web Design work in case you are considering using Skytemple for your next project.

1.) Jedediah Berry Responsive WordPress Theme –

Jedediah Berry is the award-winning author of The Manual of Detection.
Skytemple designed Jedediah Berry’s website from scratch using the Skeleton 960 Responsive Grid system, and as you can see it adapts to mobile phones, tablet devices, and more.

2.) Digital Aurora Inc –

Digital Aurora is a research and management consulting firm specializing in the development and management of informatics-intensive research initiatives for life science, healthcare, and medical research focused organizations.

The Digital Aurora site was design from scratch by Skytemple, and features an Adaptive Navigation Menu, and an Adaptive Slider which uses the swipe feature in mobile devices for switching through slides.
We also used the Skeleton 960 grid system to accomplish the responsiveness of this awesome website.

3.) Jeff Zugale –

Jeff Zugale is a Concept Design Illustrator with
Specialties such as : 2D and 3D vehicle, environment and hard-surface design, especially industrial tech and sci-fi. Storyboarding in BW and color. Character design.