Show, Don’t Tell — With A Video In Your Email

Here’s a tool that’s super handy!

How excited are we about this tool? We’re pretty much this excited.

It’s particularly important when you wanna send a message to someone a bit unfamiliar: you want to come across well. These days, you also want to make it abundantly clear that you’re not some bot or totally strange weirdo. You may be a weirdo (and that’s your business), but you’re probably quite relatable, and endearing — you charmer, you.

We found a little tool that’s a blast to play with. It’s called ViewedIt, and it’s a Chrome extension that makes it dead simple to create short, narrated videos and publish them in a flash. With one click, you can record your browser tab or entire screen along with a little video of yourself explaining what the viewer is seeing. 

It’s easy to use — and even easier to get.

  1. Make sure you’re using the Google Chrome browser. Go here to get it if you don’t have it already.
  2. Go to the ViewedIt website.
  3. Click the “One-Click Install for Chrome” button to download it for free (our favorite price) and start making super-legit videos like a boss.

Once you have the extension, all you have to do to create a video is click the adorable ViewedIt icon on your browser and you’re good to go.

Next: make videos!

You might make a video like this, for example:

From there, it’s quick and easy to share on social media, or send it in an email. If you’re using Gmail, you’ll now have access to the ViewedIt icon while you’re composing your emails, to easily insert a slick thumbnail of the video for the receiver to click and watch. They’ll be able to see their site and your face — so there’s no mistake that it’s for them, and that you’re a real person who’s kinda fun. You charmer, you!

You can also use ViewedIt to send messages to groups of people, like your email list. The extension will track who viewed your video and even how long they watched, which is great feedback to help you make better videos in the future. (Note: Our friend tells us that this feature is a bit inaccurate.)

Have fun, and be cool.

Of course, always be cool about email. Treat people as you’d like to be treated. Ultimately, it’s all about connecting with your guests, clients, or customers in meaningful ways so that you can help them reach their goals. And with ViewedIt, you can have fun doin’ it.

Find out even more about ViewedIt here. For additional help connecting with your audience, we’ve got ya covered.



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