Why hello!

We’re glad to have caught your attention. You’d be amazed how helpful it is to find someone with bristling charisma, strong organizational skills, and a proactive attitude. Someone like yourself, perhaps?

Local web development company (that’s us) seeks excellent communicator to help with client relationships, sales, proposals, and more (that’s you).

These should be some of your many glowing talents:

– irresistible charisma
– extraordinary grasp of the English language
– stupefying organizational skills
– familiarity with project management
– alarming ease with CRM
– magnificent familiarity with web design/dev concepts
– irrepressible ambition
– moderate to high inclination towards fun

As a job title goes: “Communications Executive” probably does justice to this bouillabaisse of savvy/finesse.

Our core team is great, and your prowess in playing well with others should come to the fore quite naturally.

Please include demonstrations of these phenomenal traits in your response. Save the forms for the formulaic masses. With us: be daring. Start by getting in touch.

Many thanks! We can’t wait to meet you.

Please submit your resume to Curtiss Hayden at Skytemple: curt at 2010.skytemple.com