Skytemple is proud to have worked for and to continue to work for many amazing clients. Some of our favorite clients include successful individuals, inspiring organizations and thriving businesses.

One of these successful individual is Chef Phillip Tang, owner of the Restaurant East by Northeast in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Chef Tang specializes on traditional Chinese-style cooking with a contemporary take, using local fresh ingredients from the Northeast region.

We have also worked for many authors including E. Lockhart and Holly Black. E. Lockhart’s books have been translated into 10 different languages and her book Disreputable History was a finalist for the National Book Award. Holly Black is also a best selling author of fantasy novels for a young audience. Her books have been translated into many languages as well and her title The Wrath of Mulgarath became the 1# bestseller at New York Time’s list.

Skytemple recently launched a new website for Hillary B. Price, author of the popular comic strip Rhymes with Orange. This strip, a witty depiction of life’s trials as the author describes it, appears on 150 newspapers nationwide.

Perhaps, no other client of ours is more famous than the television drama Guiding Light. This show made it to the Guiness Book of World Records as the longest television drama to have ever been aired on television and radio! Skytemple created a closed social network to keep the cast, crew, and staff connected and up-to-date with the latest conversations and opportunities..

We also worked fo Do Something, an organization that encourages young people to become socially aware and responsible through the use of the social media. The organization connects the efforts of teenager and young adults to resources and support. Skytemple developed a flash based game as part of Do Something’s online campaign.

Just as inspiring, The Snapple Tri-Team, sponsored by Snapple’s Lyte Water, is comprised of professional and amateur athletes who participate in various triathlon and duathlon competitions. Skytemple designed both the team’s website and uniform!

We are also proud to have designed a website for Mooreland Hill School, an independent school that serves children in middle school age in central Connecticut. For more than seventy-nine years Mooreland Hill School has been a vibrant community of students, faculty and families whose primary purpose is to bring high quality and individualized educations to its students.

Finally, we enjoyed working with J. Polep Distribution Services. This company specializes in distributing primarily food products to small retailers. Since 1898, the Polep family has been running the business for more than 100 years.

We have so many great clients that we can’t do justice to them all. This is just a taste of some recent highlights, and we hope you enjoyed the insight!