Leah, project manager at Skytemple, has been organizing group meetings and workshops with web developers from around Northampton and the Pioneer Valley. These gatherings have been very useful for meeting new people in the business and sharing knowledge on web development. Here’s a list of testimonials from people who have attended the events.

PS. If you are interested in joining us visit our group at MeetUp to register and check out our upcoming events!


“ Great group of people, very welcoming to new visitors. ”

— Carole Singh on Aug 31, 2010.

“ Spirited discussion, interesting topics. ”

— Bill Arduser on Aug 30, 2010.

“ The Northampton Web Developers/Web Designers Meetup Group attracted a knowledgeable and diverse set of attendees with whom to share information. I’ve attended several CMS-related meetups and groups CT/MA region over the past month. This meetup group had the richest turnout and best organization. ”

— Dr. Mark A. Friedman on Aug 29, 2010.

“ quick access to expert knowledge a pulse on whats going on in the IT field from programming to graphic design some excellent world class speakers present talks – the organization has the backing of Microsoft and apparently Mass Mutual. ”

— Barry Roth on Oct 26, 2009.

“ The obvious! Networking your thoughts with others will only help in the further development of the construct. ”

— Kurt on Aug 6, 2009.

“ I think this group could really facilitate some great work. I’ll be back. ”

— Kim on Jun 12, 2008.