As ferocious as he is adorable, Todd has risen through the ranks of Skytemple and The Black Arts to the position of all-encompassing Supreme Overlord.

Someday we yearn to be free of his reign of terror, but in the meantime we were compelled to celebrate him, in a super-funky tank-warming (and office-warming) party.

Overlord Todd, and His Dominion

The party is on…Kat, Eric and Curtiss

…Japanese Schoolgirlitis?Curtiss, Dave White, and his wife Melissa

Kelly and Holly, Chillaxin’Todd, Theo, and Curt

Thanks to all who came to join Todd at our relatively new office here in Easthampton for some music, cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and praising of Todd. (Theo and Curtiss were there, too.)

(PS! Our invite system faced some turbulence, so if you are a friend, client, or associate in the area, odds are we intended to contact you – sorry about that, and keep an eye out for the next time around.)

(PPS! Special thanks to Dave McCormic of OVID USA for the offering of a royal temple to the Great Todd.)