What Does The Threat On Net Neutrality Mean For You

Net Neutrality is the principle that internet service providers are to treat all data on the internet as equal, and not charge fees based on user, equipment, web pages visited, applications downloaded, etc. Now, Net Neutrality is being threatened because large cable companies in the United States are lobbying Congress and the FCC to end Net Neutrality. If this happens, the internet as we know it will never be the same.

Do we have your attention now?

Keeping the internet free and open enables users to share and access any information of their choosing without interference from companies like Verizon and TimeWarner Cable. These major cable companies are lobbying the FCC and Congress because they want to win control over the internet, and charge websites and their customers millions for things such as accessing certain pages, or using a certain type of equipment. Without Net Neutrality, cable companies could censor certain websites, and favor the websites of their own business partners over non-business partners.

What can you do to win this battle against Net Neutrality?

Previously, it took millions of people like us coming together and signing petitions, flooding the FCC with comments, and organizing protests to originally win the Net Neutrality rules. We need to continue to do that, and much more to confront the major threat of ending free internet. Many people are standing up against the FCC’s Chairman Pai in hopes to defeat this horrendous legislation in Congress.

Check out these two sites on whys to make your voice heard and to educate yourself further:

The internet, our internet, should be (and remain) free.

All content and applications should be able to be accessed and treated equally (regardless of the source), without the government or internet service providers (ISPs) limiting, banning, or charging additional fees for visiting certain websites. The company that connects you to the world wide web should not be allowed to control what you do once you access the internet.

What happens if we lose Net Neutrality?

Without the current (and crucial) Net Neutrality regulations in place, internet service providers can prevent users from visiting selected websites, provide slower speeds for streaming services, or even redirect users from one website to another different competing website. The present rules of net neutrality prevent such action from happening by requiring providers of the internet to connect its users to the content of the internet fairly and uniformly, without giving preferential treatment to sponsors or business partners of the ISP. In addition, if ISPs can charge online services to connect with consumers, ultimately, it will be consumers who are forced to pay these additional costs — the burden would be large!

It’s important that we fight to keep the internet free of regulation and fees.

Let’s stand together and take action against the threats to our free internet and battle to keep our net neutrality in tact!

If you have any questions about how to participate, please feel free to contact us.


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