We’ve had an interesting day at the office.  What began as an astonishing lightning storm that kept Kris, Leah, and I glued to the windows became freakish as hail, wind, and rain made a fricassee of the debris-scattered streets.  Northampton, however, got away with a slap on the wrist. Meanwhile, in Springfield, a tornado touched down about 50 feet from Kris’s condo!

The whole neighborhood looks like a war-zone, and more tornadoes are reportedly touching down in Palmer, West Springfield, Wilbraham, and others.

We’ll be adding links to videos as they come out, so come back later tonight to see the full collection. To stay abreast of the situation, Hamp Scanner is an excellent resource.

More Videos

ABC: As seen from Route 91

CNN: The Memorial Bridge

Tornado watch has been canceled. 4 deaths confirmed. National Guardsmen activated in Springfield and the Governor headed our way. Springfield public schools closed tomorrow. We’re in the clear for dealing with the aftermath. It’s staggering.

-Social media strategist and Valley Summit presenter Karo Killfeather