As we strive to make sense of the vast resources of information that the internet has spawned, the web is taking form in a way that is very situational, contextual, and even  (some might argue) semantically aware in a manner that is more and more “human”.

A major paradigm shift emerges as we place more emphasis on the relationships between different elements.  How does your favorite author’s site relate to your favorite blog?  These infusions of meaning will improve the contextual meaning of pages and how we move between them, and relate them to your personal experience, as well.

This evolving trend has been coined with terms that are already a bit exhausted, but the notions behind the movement offer incredible new possibilities.  Not only will our relationship with information become more fluid, but we will relate to each other in a much more lucid and relevant way, as a result.

And that is pretty cool.

This brief film sums it up very nicely.