Part of what I love about my job is the fact that our office is in the heart of our little city of Northampton.  Lunch is always something different, and I thought it would be fun to list some of my favorites in our blog!

La Veracruzana

I tend to order their bean taco, as it is two meals worth of food for $5, but when I feel like treating myself I’ll order their mind-expanding chorizo egg burrito.  Their salsa is an unattainable force of pure goodness that they hand out freely from what I have to assume is a magic cauldron.  No one has managed to create political art as arresting as the Mexicans, Frida Khalo being a personal favorite, so while La Veracruzana doesn’t have any of her originals, their walls are covered in pieces that inspire chills.  The subject matter is rife with a grim mysticism that just lends to the atmosphere of the establishment.

Local Burger

If you want the kind of burger that makes you love life as a werewolf, order one of Local Burger’s grass-fed local beef burgers and be prepared to answer a very important question: pink or no pink?  Their milkshakes are insane but in a place where you can order fried pickles and Captain Crunch-battered chicken tenders, crazy is normal.

Amanouz Cafe

This restaurant’s menu is longer than my todo list and that is saying something.  What is so great about this purveyor of Moroccan and Mediterranean food?  The Royal Feast, for starters, but if you want breakfast, the variety of omelettes will leave you astonished even longer than they’ll leave you full.  If you want a lighter breakfast, their crepes are stuffed with fruit and covered in honey and powdered sugar.  Order the mint tea for a truly authentic Moroccan dining experience.