Atomize Your Marketing And Get Better Results

The Island of Spice was about to become even more spicy and enticing.

We were certainly excited about the chocolate, rum, and warm tropical breeze as we were enticed to one of the most amazing islands in the Caribbean: Grenada.

Warmly welcomed by the marketing team behind True Blue Bay Boutique Resort, we were entirely thrilled to get to know everyone, and to explore the ways that we would overhaul things.

We embarked on a 6-month adventure in consulting, meeting bi-weekly with the team in person and online. Over those weeks, we helped the True Blue team to kick more butt with the marketing of their incredibly cool eco-chic resort.

It’s in personalized sessions like these where marketing breakthroughs can really take off. Of course, sometimes you just want to get started with a simple little step. For that: we’ve got you covered!

Here’s a little tidbit from our sessions that you can take away to improve your own marketing efforts, wherever you are in the world.


Atomization: explained!

In a few key slides from our consultations, we’ll explain some essentials.

In marketing, the concept of atomization is that you can break down your assets into smaller parts, and/or reconfigure them into different materials — allowing you to do a whole lot more with what you have available.

Here are a few examples.


In a straightforward first step, you might upload a video to your YouTube channel, as usual. But then…


You might use that new video as the basis for a fresh new post in your blog…


You might then use a variety of screen captures to generate a whole bunch of different images, each of which can be the basis for new posts throughout your social media world.


That single post about the video might be the basis for dozens and dozens of tweet, for example, each using a unique image taken as a still from the original source video. (Our favorite tool for managing our editorial calendar is CoSchedule, by the way.)


The various configurations are staggering!

Think about it. You can reduce your current materials down to essential parts, and then bring them together into a whole variety of different marketing materials. We love this “periodic table of content marketing” from eConsultancy as a source of inspiration.


Get inspired!

Once you start applying atomization to your own workflow, it’s easy to get excited.


Atomization is just one of a few sweet tips that we offer in our course to help boutique hotels in their marketing: the Booking Boost Course. Check it out!


So what could a marketing overhaul do for you?

Along with our regular consultation sessions, we helped True Blue with a number of things — and all the pieces work together to bring more visitors, and to boost direct bookings.

Check out the details of our work in this case study: True Blue Bay Boutique Resort Marketing Overhaul.


Hope you’re inspired!

Please let us know what your biggest challenges are, and what you’re striving for. We love hearing from you!




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