Small Social Impact Hotels Can Kick Butt Using These Approaches


Here’s one of the major challenges that smaller boutique hotels face, which we hear again and again: competing with big-budget hotels.

Since smaller boutique hotels tend to use a DIY approach, they find that they just can’t keep up, particularly in those largest arenas: general (organic) Google searches, listings in OTAs, etc.

Due to this challenge, we have grown very impressed with the effectiveness of a workaround: online word of mouth. Here are some examples of that.


Advocacy Platforms

This kind of tool can work wonders. With an advocacy platform, you can convert personal introductions into future guests.

Essentially, you establish incentives for guests (and site visitors) to post about your hotel, sharing about you on social (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Since the messages are between friends, they are meaningful, impactful, and direct.


Explanation of advocacy platform


Here’s one that we love, in particular — and their site is gorgeous: the advocacy platform for hotels.


Positive Review Funnels

Especially true for smaller hotels: a high number of positive reviews leads to increased bookings.


Photo of happy guests to explain the Hotel Grower Review Funnel


A review funnel looks something like this:


Landing Page

First, guests are directed to your unique hotel-branded landing page, where you can quickly identify your hotel’s biggest fans.

  • Guests who rate your hotel highly are sent to a publicly-visible review site.
  • Guests who rate your hotel poorly are sent to a private feedback form.


Happy Guests Write Reviews


Happy guests are invited to write reviews!


Next, guests who rate you highly are directed to write reviews on your preferred review site:

  • Trip Advisor
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Yelp
  • Etc


Unhappy Guests Share Private Feedback

Otherwise, guests who selected a lower score are directed away from review sites, and instead encouraged to share their feedback with you directly, off the record.

This gives you the chance to learn valuable input, and even a chance to provide a satisfying solution.


Get 5-star reviews!Hand Out Cards To Encourage More Reviews

To help direct guests to this review funnel landing page, you are provided with a branded business card design that contains:

  • A short URL
  • A scan-and-view QR code
  • An incentive to provide feedback


It Works Wonders

For a brand-new boutique hotel, this can be a tremendously effective way to establish a strong position online.

Here’s the positive review funnel that we offer:

Positive Review Funnel – Hotel Grower

Get a free demo for review funnels.


Good Luck!

We love helping boutique hotels, and we wish you all the best!

We’re always happy to explain things more fully. Just let us know your questions!


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