Boosting Teacher Signups On For The National Ad Council

When Zee of the National Ad Council needed help improving conversion for, we transformed the user path and boosted teacher signups while making the user experience more approachable.

When the Ad Council approached us about optimizing the user path of, we did our homework.

By analyzing the existing metrics on interaction in their modal windows and teacher pathways, we were able to re-engineer them for a more personalized and contextual user experience. Aspiring teachers got the information they needed, and the improvements to the thousands of teacher placements per year? An A-plus performance. is led by Microsoft and the U.S. Department of Education and supported by the nation’s top education organizations and teacher associations — and we certainly decided to do them justice.

I feel like the Ad Council won the lottery in finding such knowledgeable, hard-working developers. Highly recommend Skytemple to anyone”

Zee Hoffmann Jones
Digital Producer, Ad Council

It is a joy to help — with honors.


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