Case Study: Massive Increase Thanks To Our Social Growth Plan

Beer gets attention.

You would think that growing the social for a brewery would be easy, right? Well — yes and no. Here’s why.


Like a lot of folks, Moat Mountain pursued social growth without a unified strategy and method.

Many folks approach their business social as they approach their personal Facebook profile: post some stuff, make some friends, live your life and don’t give it much thought. While that’s fun, it doesn’t grow your influence in a very meaningful way.


Before we began our first month of social growth, Moat Mountain didn’t have much of an audience.

As you can see here, comparable breweries are separated between two groups: the ~30k group, and the ~3k group — with the Moat stuck in the lower group.

While the Moat wallowed down at 2600 followers, breweries like Allagash boasted about 27,200 followers — about 10 times the amount.

Instagram was in even rougher shape — Moat Mountain was effectively the very lowest out of all of its peers.

It was time to make a change.

The results are in: the Moat is on track to join the big boys.

Thanks to our super-special methodology, Moat Mountain’s Twitter following is growing like never before. 

Before our help, the Moat grew its Twitter following by 36 in a month. In just 24 days, we grew Moat Mountain’s Twitter following by 1,478 — putting them on track for growth of 1,847 followers per month.


At this rate, Moat Mountain will reach the same following as Allagash in just 12 months… as opposed to never.

It’s a great feeling to help great people to get the love they deserve.


Why social? To sell beer.

“Well of course Allagash has a big following!”, you might say, “that’s because they’re big!” Well — how do you think a brewery gets big, in the first place? Successful businesses build a following. 

Putting care and attention into your online visibility and influence is one of the most powerful elements in growing a business. By growing your following, you have direct access to your customers. You promote directly, without the need for extra marketing or advertising.


Don’t forget to have fun.

We tracked demographics and keywords to determine top content types. Comedy was high on the list.

At the end of the day, it isn’t about the numbers: it’s about the passion of what you do. Enjoying your passion and sharing it with a like-minded audience come naturally. We just help you to make the most of it. That way, your business grows easily, letting you focus on the really fun stuff.


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