Hotel Direct Booking Chat: Great Numbers

The results are in: hotel direct booking chat is pretty amazing.

We’re seeing some great results with our cool new chat tool for hotels. It’s really exciting, and hoteliers such as yourself are thrilled.

I mean, when you think about it, it makes sense. You get to talk directly with potential guests. You can offer them exclusive promo deals, directly. You can hold their hand and guide them in the booking process. And they appreciate the personal care — whether helped by a person or by an automated smart bot. Win/win.


So what’s the real deal?

I really appreciate getting an honest look at things, so that’s what we’ll do here. The numbers look great overall, and we’ll share those disclaimers, too — so your expectations are in the right spot.


Here are the numbers from the latest 10-day free trial.

Over the course of the last 10-day trial, a mid-sized hotel resort in Thailand had these admirable results, as listed in their success report:



The results of your chat trial are in, and they look great!

Your 10-day free trial was a GREAT success!

During your 10-day free trial, your chat established more than:

  • $2,066 USD in direct bookings from chat with a person
  • $638 USD  in addition, in direct booking from chat with the automated smart bot
  • $2,704 USD total direct bookings (person + bot)

…in only 10 days!

At that rate, in 30 days:

  • $8112 USD (or more) in direct bookings established per month, total

Congrats on setting your $8112 USD per month trend with chat!


So what’s the catch?

Not much! Just a couple points to consider.

Each hotel is unique! First and most importantly: this is a single example, and results may vary. Your own results may be a little lower or higher, depending on your situation. The free trial is a great way to find out!

Chat secures the booking, and you complete it. Another point is that the chat tool is separate from booking, so we aren’t able to complete bookings in chat — the chat tool directs guests to your booking system, and you take it from there. (Though if you’d like to improve your booking system, we can set you up with that, too.) 🙂


It’s about more than numbers. It’s about warm welcomes and smiles.

Sure, chat is great for your bottom line. And it’s about much more than that: it offers a warm greeting to potential guests, and improves public opinion about your online hospitality. Chat allows you to add that personal touch and direct connection that makes a hotel special. It’s a part of those hotelier experiences that you just love.


This hotel is sold on chat. You’ll love it, too.

In this example, the general manager is “sold”, as the marketing director puts it. We know you’ll love it, too.

To give it a try for free, just sign up for chat and then enter a few messages: your greeting, etc. You can decide to chat directly with guests or provide them with automated messages. It’s easy to set up, so you’ll see the benefits right away.

You may wonder what took you so long. 🙂


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