What Does a Coffee Scrub & Half Naked Women Have To Do With Success?

“Get naked. Get dirty. Get rough. Get clean.”

Get your mind out of the gutter! We are still talking about a coffee scrub!

Frank Body Coffee Scrub from Australia is taking – or should I say HAS taken – Instagram by storm. This brand started with a simple product and found a way to catch the casual onlooker’s eye on a platform that seemingly “everyone” is on.


It’s hard to scroll through your IG feed and not stop at a picture of skin covered with an almost black, dirt-like substance. It’s weird. It makes you question “what’s going on here?”

Most importantly: It makes you click. It grabs your attention, and that’s always step one in the marketing game.



A simple idea has spawned into an Instagram sensation. The idea came to Co-Founder Steve Rawley while he was working at a local coffee shop. A customer came in asking for used coffee grounds to use as an exfoliant.

And BAM! An idea was born!


The product itself is simple, it’s all natural and mostly made of coffee grounds. It comes in three hypnotizing scents: Original/Coffee, Coconut & Grape Seed, and Cacao. The scrub helps to target most major skin blemishes like eczema, cellulite, psoriasis, acne, and more.

It has become more than just an Instagram sensation.

It is on track to surpass over $20 Million in sales in less than a year.


This skincare juggernaut isn’t stopping yet. It has made its way into stores around the world, has begun releasing new products, and has a UX design on its website that will make you drool.

The best part about their success? The magic is in the idea.

It’s grassroots, it’s noteworthy, and it’s iconographic.

This skincare marvel will always stand out with a unique style, and its memorable approach is one to admire.

We love helping brands to build a strong voice with visually striking campaigns, so this is one we especially enjoy. What about you?


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