Get Organized with an Editorial Calendar

So, you’ve decided to make content marketing a priority for your business. Now what?

You could just assign articles or content to a staff member and let them post when they have a second, but that’s an easy way for your content strategy to go out the window. Very quickly, your good intentions would fizzle out, and your business will lose out on those exciting new leads and profits.

This is where an editorial calendar can save the day!


An app like CoSchedule offers WordPress synchronization, the ability to map out all of your blog posts in an easy-to-digest calendar, and even lets you schedule all of your social media updates all in one place.

Here are 5 steps to getting your editorial calendar set up and running.

1. Brainstorm ideas.

Take an hour or two with your team and make a massive list of blog post ideas. You’ll be amazed with how much you can come up with when you actually sit down with the intention of coming up with ideas. If you need something to help you get started try out these cues: 52 Blog Post Ideas.

2. Slot in ideas on actual dates.

Now decide on how many times per week or month you’d like to post and actually put those ideas on the calendar. Having everything in front of you and easy to read makes moving things around to fit your preferences a breeze. CoSchedule even features a simple, drag & drop feature that makes moving posts to new dates a snap!

3. Write those posts!

Now get to work! Assign posts to team members and get them written. By having dates assigned to posts, you keep yourself and the team accountable.

4. Make a social media promotion plan.

Decide on a posting schedule for your social media channels. CoSchedule allows you to queue up your social media posts right within the platform! The app comes with a preloaded template that prompts you to load posts for the day the post is published, the following day, the following week and the following month. You can also schedule posts for any custom date. This a great starting point, but find a posting plan that works for you.

5. Take a look at your calendar as a whole

Finally, once you have some content scheduled and social media updates queued up. Keep an eye on your entire calendar to make sure you are consistently posting and not overwhelming one channel, etc.

And voilà!

An editorial calendar streamlines the content marketing process, and can take your business to the next level in no time.



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