Don’t Be Lame If You Include People In Your Photos

Should you include people in your website photos?

Great Q! Let’s start with reasons to avoid people in photos.


Cons Against Including People In Photos

  • It’s lame. There is a strong push against stock photography, these days — or anything resembling it. Be extremely careful not to look inauthentic.
  • It takes more work. It can be more resource-consuming than you think to get just the right shots.
  • You need model releases. Did your model sign a release form? Hope so!


Pros For Including People In Photos

  • It can help guests to see themselves in the scene. It can be very persuasive to see a shot which makes you feel like your toes are in the sand, right there at the hotel. 1st-person shots (or the like) can be great for this.
  • It’s persuasive! If at all possible, include the smiling faces of people who have shared positive testimonials. It means a lot! We enjoy this tool called Flip for just such an occasion.


Either way, try to have fun and to infuse personality into your photos. Have fun!



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