Your Site Can Be Working Better. Guess How?

Want your site to work well?

Don’t worry: we can take out the guesswork. A quick audit of your site can go a long, long way. Take a moment to review your own site — and discover the unseen problems that are keeping you from your full potential. It’s worth it!

In this example — a French boutique hotel — we’ll find some things that are working well, and some things that could be working better. It’s likely that your situation is not too different.

In our consultations, we like to run site audits before helping with a new project because it’s an essential way to see where the biggest opportunities lie. Let’s take a look.


Performance is key

If your site is loading a bit slowly, it doesn’t just chase away your audience — it also hurts your visibility in Google and other search engines.

Make sure that your site is tuned up and running smoothly! It makes a huge difference for drawing a crowd and getting engagement in your site.


Responsive aspects matter

How does your site look on mobile? How easy is it to use?

It’s very important to consider these points because it’s very common for people to access your site on a tablet or mobile device. You don’t want to turn anyone away!


Check on your SEO essentials

The topic of search engine optimization is huge. The art of being found on Google entails many, many aspects.

In an initial SEO audit you can address some of the fundamental aspects, and that can go a long way — especially if you’ve been overlooking something crucial.


Security matters

Are you trustworthy? Do your visitors know that?

Setting up SSL is super simple, and the precious https authentication gives your visitors confidence to browse your site, and to buy.


Considerations that are just for you

We don’t stop at the basics. We consider your industry, and we offer insights that suit it.

In the example of a hotel: consider your booking engine. Is it easy to access from all parts of your site? Is it easy to use? Are people actually using it, and if not — what’s the reason?

It helps enormously to look at the data, along with a healthy dose of common sense.


What’s your story, and what comes next?

We love helping with an initial audit, because it can mean a strong foundation for a great future. Whether you’re considering a new site, or complementing parts of your online strategy, it’s a delight to get you on the right track.

Let’s start with a free consultation.


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