Hooray! Skytemple Now Offers ACH Payments Through FreshBooks!

At Skytemple we are always looking for ways to make coordinating with our awesome clients smoother and easier? Who says running a business needs to be difficult? That’s why we are delighted to be accepting ACH payments through FreshBooks!


What is an ACH payment?

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, although the important takeaway is that it is essentially an online payment. No need to snailmail a paper check with ACH. Clients love the convenience of automated and faster payments, whether it’s a one-time project, or for an ongoing service. 



Why we’re excited about ACH through FreshBooks

A few reasons, actually! Since you’re not sending a check and the transfer is done online, payments are processed faster — which means we’re able to jump into and start working on our client’s new project sooner. That makes everyone happy! Also, the processing fees on our end are significantly lower, compared to other forms of online payments. Payment processing fees can really add up and if you’re a small business that means less money in your pocket at the end of the year. So if you decide to use ACH: thanks!

We’re also excited that the system is automated: with an ACH payment, funds are automatically deposited into your bank account and marked as paid in FreshBooks automatically.

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So what’s the catch?

There isn’t one that we’ve found so far! The only drawback is this service is only available to U.S. customers. For our wonderful clients outside of the U.S. we offer different payment options. 

If you’re a business looking to automate and streamline your payment system, we highly suggest checking out FreshBooks! You can thank us later for all the time and fees you save!

If you have any questions about FreshBooks, please don’t hesitate to send us a message


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