It Feels Good To Help A Few Do-Gooders

As you might imagine, we love great collaboration.

For one thing, we love teaming up with awesome people. It’s a fulfilling feeling to contribute to the success of a project or organization that excites you — right? In our work with many nonprofits, for-benefit companies, and do-good organizations, it’s a feeling that we have the honor of relishing often.


Working with NumFOCUS is a dream come true!

Since NumFOCUS is dedicated to “open source tools to solve the most challenging problems”, it’s a thrill to work with them. We can easily get carried away with geeking out to cool tools and code à la mode… and when it’s open source, our eyes are even more blissfully goo-goo. A principle of open source is that information freedom and collaboration are a priority. That’s easy to love.

The NumFOCUS site offers a sharp, sleek presentation, and enjoyable means to browse complex material.

The NumFOCUS site is pretty awesome.

Okay, we’re biased. We love our work, and we tend to take lots of pride in it. As easily as we might toot our own horn, we’ll let the words from NumFOCUS speak for themselves.



Check out this sweet feature.

One of the cooler features of the site is a complex tool to filter and sort the many admirable NumFOCUS projects in an easy and beautiful way. Go ahead and check out the way things work on the Sponsored Projects page, and have fun with the great interface.

There is plenty more to it. You’ll find a beautiful, engaging experience, wherever you browse in the NumFOCUS site.

Our design for the PyData site takes a fresh twist on the existing square mosaic motif.

The PyData site is pretty cool, too.

When NumFOCUS asked us to work on PyData, an educational program of NumFOCUS, we were pretty thrilled about that too. Since PyData has amazing open source events all over the world, we were thrilled to play a part in the growing global phenonenon.

Come to think of it, it seemed that NumFOCUS and PyData were pretty thrilled with the site, too.



Check out the cool event map!

A special part of the PyData site is the way you can browse events based on the date of the event, or the location in the world. As more and more events happen around the world, the proud legacy of PyData events just grows and grows. Just check out the great event-browsing experience we put together on the Event Schedule page.

In fact, just browse around the PyData site and you’ll find an easy, enjoyable experience throughout. Let us know how you like it!



Yep: we’re giddy.

We truly enjoy our work, and the chance to play a part in such inspiring projects. We hope that you have some fun exploring our work, too! Thanks for checking it out.


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