Map Out Your Mind For The New Year

Visual thinker? Try thinking in mind maps.

It’s incredible how connecting ideas can really help you to connect the dots, cognitively. Especially for those of us who are visual thinkers.

Here are just a couple short and sweet examples of how we map out our vision and plans.


We map out the shape of our organization.

This has been a really great way for us to organize our various parts, because it helps us see those procedures as parts that relate to the whole. People on the team understand what they are doing better, as well as why. That’s not just helpful for clarity; it’s also really motivating.


We map out our timeline for the year.

Even though a timeline is rather linear, it’s really nice to have those branching concepts lined up. We even establish goals as checkboxes — which we can’t wait to check off.


Visual thinkers should try it.

We have been amazed at how well this sort of mind mapping brings things into clarity.

We use MindMiester, and we invite you to give it a try! It’s pretty awesome.



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