Meet Amsterdam’s Thriving Sweet Spot For Mobile Professionals

Hoteliers, pay attention: you need to get this right.

In the thriving metropolis of Amsterdam, there’s a place catering just beautifully to mobile professionals — and they are doing a damn fine job of it.

Mobile professionals are a thing. More and more so, folks are able to work from anywhere — and smart hospitality spaces are engineering their experience to be that desirable “anywhere”.

When we stumbled across Zoku, we were bedazzled. Sure, the site is gorgeous. And, yes: the space itself is gorgeous. But don’t miss the point: this place caters to mobile professionals in a really effective way.

We’re droolin’ with desire. Here’s why.

It’s all about hybrid, baby.

“Zoku is a place where you can live, work, relax and socialise”, explains the site. That’s a lot to offer, right? Well, the reason that Zoku brands itself as a place of “flexible home/office hybrids” is: that is just what folks are looking for.

Their mobile professional audience is a growing one, and it is one with particular tastes. Basically, this is a crowd that wants to be productive, and yet social… right at home, and yet professional… blending together all kinds of “contradictions” in a crazy cocktail that suits their style.

Though you may not be catering to this crowd yet, there are a bunch of reasons why you should consider it.

  • Mobile professionals can stay with you indefinitely, and value quality. They aren’t temporarily passing through, generally. They are ready for a long stay, and they are earning while they stay. An environment that caters to their productivity and earning is an environment that they value greatly.
  • Mobile professionals are growing. Whatever they flavor — digital nomad, remote team member, etc — this is a growing audience that warrants its own custom spaces.
  • Mobile professionals get together. Win the hearts of some, and you’ll attract many. They organize freely with impressive flexibility, and communicate lucidly to make the magic happen.
  • Mobile professionals are cool. They tend to lead very interesting lives, with a major drive of curiosity and wonder. They can bring inspiration to your image and spark breakthroughs you simply haven’t imagined, yet.

What makes Zoku special?

What you can learn here is that there are some really sweet elements to incorporate if you wanna appeal to this growing audience.

Check out the services and facilities. You’ll get massive inspiration. Communal work spaces redefine the home/office boundaries. Meeting rooms are accessible and without pretense. Games and work and beauty and efficiency all blend together seamlessly. Art swapping? Office toolbox? Paper rolls for in-loft brainstorms?

It gets weird and wonderful, pretty fast. Check out Zoku and get inspired.


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