Unique Hotels Get More Guests — Show your style!

We can learn a lot from stylish hotels!

If you get nothing else from this short and sizzling read, know this: it’s essential to show your personal style in your copy and marketing. You are in a field where you have a lot of competitors, therefore what would entice someone to book with you, over a competitor? Of course incredible reviews are a must, but you also need to stand out — so let your unique flag fly!

One beloved hotel we stayed at recently for a wedding has a wonderfully written site and great atmosphere. The guest experience in was incredible; even though it is a chain, the atmosphere of the lobby and room was immaculate. It felt like no detail — however small — was overlooked. From the complimentary airport transfer, to afternoon cocktail hour… everything had a personal touch. Even their approach to being pet friendly felt like it showed their personality. These hotels showcased beautifully how unique they are on their site and social profiles, making us excited for our upcoming stay, even before setting foot into their lobby! Once there, they made us feel welcomed and comfortable in a “natural” way — and their efforts ensured that they won a couple a life-long fans, hehe.


Check out the great site copy of Kimpton Hotels! Don’t you want to book a stay?!?!? We love the unique personality infused into their site and social.

Get this fabulous checklist of ideas to help present yourself as unique:

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The Artel Nimman

You don’t necessarily need to undergo a huge construction project to make yourself stand out.

The artsy boutique hotel in Chiang Mai, The Artel Nimman, built a slide coming out of the second floor — which is pretty cool, but they’re catering to a very specific audience.

There is something that sets you apart from your competitors… right?

Well, you need to showcase this on your site and social! It’s not enough just to offer a very special service and not tell people about it. 

You may want to consider hiring a copywriter to draft and finalize the language used on your site. As a native English speaker, personally I find it rather jarring to find high-end resorts who are trying to attract a Western crowd with awkward language. We’re all humans here… and we all appreciate a natural, familiar tone. You are doing yourself a disservice by letting something as little as poor grammar get in the way of potential guests booking a stay.

If you want to spread the word quickly about improvements or changes you’ve made, you may want to work with a few well-connected travel writers and social media influencers.

You might offer them a special stay, and they might share their experience with their followers. More on this in later posts! 

Don’t be afraid to try something new to stand out from your competitors!

Guests have high expectations for their stay, which you need to surpass. This is advice all resorts, hotels and B&Bs — no matter how many employees or rooms you have — should take into consideration. Stand out with a unique personality, and make sure it’s presented boldly in your site’s copy and style, as well as throughout your well-branded social media.

If you need additional ideas, feel free to get in touch!


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