Case Study: Hotel Direct Booking Chat On The Crown Lanta Website

We’re chat-happy.

Yes, it sounds funny — but soon, you will be too. Especially if you have a hotel that could use some good news.

We have been amazed at how helpful chat is to hotels! For one thing, it transforms online hospitality. But that’s only the beginning.

You know the drill. Due to online travel agencies (OTAs) like Agoda and Booking, your hotel is paying massive amounts in commission. Generally that’s because the OTAs can find guests better than your hotel can, online. Not only that, but your visibility in OTAs gets penalized if you try to compete on price on your website.

That’s where chat is liberating top hotels around the world.

  1. You get to connect directly to your potential guest as they browse your site.
  2. You get to offer them promotions directly, without OTA penalty.
  3. You get to make sure they complete the booking with all questions answered, rather than wander ott.

Sounds pretty sweet, right?


So what’s it really like?

We have been delighted to witness the breakthroughs for Crown Lanta as they start using our chat product. Here are a few examples of how it is transforming their front-facing online hospitality — and their bottom line.


Potential guests get a warm pre-chat greeting.

A tasteful greeting appears briefly when a new visitor comes to the site. It adds a sense of welcome that many websites lack, and lets each visitor know that they can get their questions answered.


During work hours, a friendly member of the hotel team chats with folks and helps them to book.

In this example, a honeymoon reservation of more than $2000 USD is booked — and this is just in the first few hours of setting up chat on the hotel’s site!

Along with natural conversation, the hotel team can quickly emphasize points with canned responses: full info with links which fully answers common questions.


A smart bot answers questions using their FAQ knowledge base.

When offline, Crown Lanta can rest easy, because visitors are getting their questions answered. It’s amazing how chat automation can grow your bookings.

A friendly help system greets visitors, and encourages questions.

The help system offers helpful info that matches the visitor’s search terms.

When the visitor clicks the button for more information that they want, they get complete details.

Of course, if the visitor still has questions, they are able to send a message as an email, so the team can reply later, as it’s convenient.


Wanna give it a test drive?

Lucky for you, we’ve got a free trial. See how chat boosts the direct booking of your hotel by trying it out, yourself. You’ll wonder why your online hospitality was without it for so long.



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