See You At TBEX!

We’re excited to see you at TBEX!

One thing is clear from the last few years: we are working with more and more travel folks! So it’s no surprise that we’ll be attending another TBEX event this year: TBEX International 2017!


We certainly had a great time, last year.

Ah, the relaxing feel of unwinding as the sun set over the river in Bangkok, at a TBEX event last year. We really enjoyed meeting everyone! There was plenty to learn, and so much to share.


We’re excited to meet you!

There are always such interesting travel-lovers hanging out at these events. We love hearing stories, and learning some of the latest excitements going on in the community.

We’ve been honored to work with some really incredible hotels and travel brands around the world — in some recent projects: Minor Hotel Group, Hotel Indigo, Castle Leslie Estate, Dromoland Castle.

Lately there has been a lot of attention around our cool chat tool for hotels, since it helps to boost direct bookings.

Mostly we’re psyched to just grab a drink and get to know each other. What stories and adventures do you have to share?


Who were those Skytemple people, again?

We’re Curtiss and Ashley, the key couple of our team. We’re generally very smiley and personable. Don’t be shy about saying hello! Also, we’d love hear from you after the event. We love to stay in touch!

We wish everyone a great time at TBEX International this year! 




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